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Corporate mission

Innovate manufacturing technology, boost industrial development, surpass customers’ expectations and commit to winning glory for the industry;

Corporate vision

Turn Shidai into a first-rate auto parts manufacturer;

Business concept

Innovation is the root, quality is life, concrete efforts are our purpose and benefit is our goal.

Quality policy

Pursuit of innovation, cut down cost;

Ensure quality, customer satisfaction;

Core idea

Specify goal, strive to become first;

Unremitting effort, continuous improvement;

Act honestly, create value;

March toward the future together and become healthy and happy;

Core work content

1. Safety: ensure production safety by strictly implementing the safe operation rules;

2. Quality: Based on the operation norm of the TS16949 quality management system, strictly implement the quality control process and strive for zero defect;

3. Output: realize the goal by focusing on personnel skill, equipment, and process mould;

4. Cost: cut down cost by focusing on optimizing structure and process and controlling waste;

5. Site: According to 5S, meet the requirement of clean, smooth, orderly and bright;

Core working method

Ensure work by system;

Straighten work by process standard;

Improve employee quality by training assessment (inspection);

Guiding principle for our working idea

1. Safety first: Safety prevails when there is contradiction between safety and production.

2. Customers are most important: Based on the precondition of safety, meet customer quality and timely delivery;

3. Compliance is the main guiding principle of idea: The subordinates shall obey the superior to ensure smooth direction.

4. Let those who know teach: Respecting talents and improving employee quality are the root of development of an enterprise.